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Exosome Regenerative


The Future of Regenerative Medicine

Image by Evie S.

What are Exosomes

Exosomes (EVs) are nanovesicles derived from mesenchymal stems cells (MSCs).

They work by generating signals that allow cells within the body to communicate with each other and ultimately direct the body’s response to inflammation, injury, and healing.

Exosome Regenerative Complex

The future of Skin Regeneration  

Exosome Regenerative Complex is an intensive dual-action complex formulated to absorb quickly into the skin delivering the concentrated power over 2.5 billion stem cell derived lyophilized Exosomes, potent growth factors, peptides, coenzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. These Ingredients have been clinically proven to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin.

Visibly Firmer, More Radiant, and Youthful Skin

Exosomes provide a more potent, powerful combination of sources needed to repair our skin.

The Exosome Facial can be administered as its own treatment, but ultimately, combining this serum with microneedling leads to clinically-proven skin rejuvenation and regeneration of skin 

Image by Icons8 Team

Skin rejuvenation treatments using the power of exosomes have been shown to:

  • Increase cell growth by up to 80%

  • Increase elastin production up to 300%

  • Increase collagen production up to 6x

  • Noticeably reduces the appearance of age related pigment

  • Visibly makes skin appear firmer and more youthful

  • Hydrates and nourishes skin

  •  promotes a more radiant and‌ even toned complexion

Did you know?

Exosome facials have a thousands times stronger regenerative power due to numerous growth factors as compared to PRP.


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